Yellowstone is a park like no other, with activities for all abilities. Begin planning your itinerary by checking out the most popular activities below. Click around the map below to see more adventure-worthy hotspots in Yellowstone Park in relation to our cabins! Simply click on-off the sites that you are interested in by filtering in the upper left corner.box. More information can be found through the links to the left.

Old Faithful

“Watching Old Faithful erupt is a Yellowstone National Park tradition. People from all over the world have journeyed here to watch this famous geyser. The park’s wildlife and scenery might be as well-known today, but it was the unique thermal features that inspired the establishment of Yellowstone as the world’s first national park in 1872.

Old Faithful is one of nearly 500 geysers in Yellowstone and one of six that park rangers can currently predict. It is uncommon to be able to predict geyser eruptions with regularity and Old Faithful has lived up to its name, only lengthening the time between eruptions by about 30 minutes in the last 30 years. The reliability of Old Faithful inspired early developers to build special viewing areas, lodging, and concessions for visitors to watch eruptions.”

— nps.gov


Wildlife Viewing

“Yellowstone's abundant wildlife is as famous as its geysers. In the park, animals have over 3,000 square miles (over 7,500 square km) of habitat available to them, so seeing them usually involves both luck and timing. Check at visitor centers for information about recent sightings, or join one of several companies that provide wildlife watching tours in the park..”

— nps.gov

Grand Prismatic Spring

“The hot spring has bright bands of orange, yellow, and green ring the deep blue waters in the spring. The multicolored layers get their hues from different species of thermophile (heat-loving) bacteria living in the progressively cooler water around the spring. And the deep blue center? That’s because water scatters the blue wavelengths of light more than others, reflecting blues back to our eyes.”

— yellowstonepark.com

We loved our short stay at the Cozy Bear Lodge! There were 10 of us in our party and it slept us all very comfortably. It was an easy drive to the West Yellowstone entrance as well as to the cute town of West Yellowstone. The house was clean and stocked well. We GREATLY appreciate the laundry soap, paper towels, soap, shampoo and conditioner, paper towels etc! We have rented many properties and this is not always the case. We would absolutely stay at one of Rand’s properties again. He was very easy to work with and promptly returned emails. Thank you again for a wonderful stay!
— Rod, stayed July 2017