We’re know our guests are always up for an adventure and Yellowstone is brimming with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Whether it’s summer or winter, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities to participate in — both in and outside the park. Click around our map to learn about local summer recreation businesses. Simply click on-off the services that you are interested in by filtering in the upper left

Wildlife Viewing

“Yellowstone is home to the largest concentration of mammals in the lower 48 states. In addition to having a diversity of small animals, Yellowstone is notable for its predator–prey complex of large mammals, including eight ungulate species (bighorn sheep, bison, elk, moose, mountain goats, mule deer, pronghorn, and white-tailed deer) and seven large predators (black bears, Canada lynx, coyotes, grizzly bears, mountain lions, wolverines, and wolves).”

— National Park Service


Hydrothermal Features

“Yellowstone National Park is as wondrous as it is complex. Established primarily to protect geothermal areas that contain about half the world's active geysers, the park also forms the core of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. At 28,000 square miles, it is one of the largest, nearly intact temperate-zone ecosystems on Earth. It preserves a great variety of terrestrial, aquatic, and microbial life.”

“Natural processes operate in an ecological context that has been less subject to human alteration than most others throughout the nation—and throughout the world. This makes the park an invaluable natural reserve and reservoir of information.”

— National Park Service



“When it comes to summertime activities the West Yellowstone area is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. The long summer days provide visitors unlimited access to explore and play in the splendor of the high country. You can fish blue ribbon trout streams, hike in pristine wilderness, experience real western horseback riding, go whitewater rafting or mountain bike on hundreds of miles of single track and forest service roads. In addition to regal Yellowstone National Park right next door, with its famous geysers, wildlife and waterfalls, there’s adventure to be found just to the West. Hebgen Lake, with its miles and miles of shoreline offers camping, boating, canoeing and the best still water fishing in Montana. Or, take an afternoon and learn to kayak on this clear mountain lake surrounded by beautiful mountains. Just beyond is Earthquake Lake, formed the night of August 17, 1959 when a 7.5 quake rocked the Madison Valley and a mountain fell. With summer comes a choice of activities; weekly Wild West Yellowstone Rodeo, the Yellowstone Historic Museum Center, daily Yellowstone Ranger talks, and other programs just for kids like the Junior Smokejumper’s Program.”



There are many activities close at hand - the rodeo, horseback riding just 5 minutes down the road, Big Sky, Montana's rafting, a ropes course and zip line in West Yellowstone, an Imax theater in West Yellowstone, lots of places to eat and, of course, the beauty and splendor of YNP!
— Lala, stayed July 2017